What Qfora has done so far.

Qfora has led Personal Color and Fit Style market in Korea under the brand name Coloz for the last 8 years, and provided not only Fashion-Beauty industry but also academia with De facto standard.

What is Personal Color?

Each individual’s own personal color, which makes each person look alive in harmony with her/his own color(color of hair, pupil of eye and skin).

Personal Color Diagnosis

Qualified Color consultants diagnose each individual’s personal color following Diagnosis Process.

Output and Analysis

Through Qfora’s Diagnosis procedure, personal colors can be classified into 4 seasons and its 4 different detail tones.

What is FitXtyle?

FitXtyle is to analyze each individual’s innate body shape and to give styling consultation that fit most.

FitXtyle Diagnosis Procedure

Precise and appropriate Curation is provided based on Questionnaires, Systematic measuring and output evaluation by curators.

PI(Personal Information)

Completing Diagnosis of Personal Color and/or FitXtyle, PI is generated.

Qfora’s Concierge App

Generating users’ PI based on Coloz’s accumulated IT and human touch technology, Qfora App shows how much Beauty/Fashion items match each individual using Qfora verification model. So it becomes an indispensable Life Style App.

Qfora’s Concierge App - Personal Color Diagnosis

Qfora acquires PI through Users’ physical data measuring, Pre Questionnaires and analyzing users’ purchasing pattern.

Qfora’s Concierge App – FitXtyle

Qfora acquires Style PI by measuring body shape and facial shape and analyzing users’ preference.

Qfora’s Concierge App – Beauty Concierge

This function of the App verifies how much the beauty item fits user’s PI by applying Qfora verification model.

Qfora’s Concierge App – Style Concierge

This function of the App verifies how much the Fashion/Style item fits user’s PI by applying Qfora verification model.

PI Gathering Devices - Beauty Cam

Beauty Cam takes a role in precise diagnosis of facial features and skin value under IoT environment

Qfora IoT

Huge amount of standardized PI could be gathered through various IoT network.

Qfora Big Data

Qfora Big Data gathered through IoT gateway is made up of each Individual, Merchandise, Surrounding and Curation Data altogether.

Qfora Platform

Qfora Platform Architecture